CSP Students win $10K with Raytheon’s MathMovesU

Raytheon annually awards more than $2 million in MathMovesU scholarships and grants to recognize students, their teachers and schools for mathematical achievement and advancement.


One of the many programs Raytheon awards scholarships through is the Middle School scholarship program. The program challenges middle school students nationwide to answer this question “How does math put the action in your passion?” Based on the students’ multimedia or paper submission, they are awarded $1,000 college scholarships or $1,000 toward a math and science summer camp of their choice. Raytheon also donates a $1,000 matching grant to each winning student’s school. There are a total of 150 students awarded scholarships nationwide and five of those were CSP students!The purpose of this competition is to spark interest in math in middle school students and help everyone realize that math is part of things they do every day and are passionate about doing, from kicking a soccer ball to flying model rockets.


Raytheon company representatives, Jenny Smith, site director at the national business park facility and Shanequa Barnes presented the students and the school with large publicity check for $10,000 representing the $1,000 per student scholarship and matching per student $1,000 school grant. The grant is directed towards use in the math department to continue and expand the programs already offered at CSP. The two Raytheon employees shared with the students how math started their interests in their career fields of engineering and computer science. The school board president Mr. Spear Lancaster then presented the Raytheon engineers with a certificate of appreciation for their dedication to the program. Mr. Lancaster challenged the girls present to continue their interests in math so they might one day have careers like the two young ladies from Raytheon.


The students who won the scholarships are: Sandra Sandeep, 8th grade; David Kravets,7th grade; Anthony Krieger, 7th grade; Sam Farrell, 6th grade; and Matthew Berg, 6th grade.


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