CSP Students Show Off at Science Bowl Competition



On March 12th 2011, Chesapeake Science Point students competed in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) regional Science Bowl and performed very well in both the academic and hydrogen fuel-cell car competition. The Maryland Regional Science Bowl competition was held at Kenmoor Middle School and this was the first time that Chesapeake Science Point competed in this event.

This competition is split into two separate portions, an academic portion and a hydrogen fuel-cell car race. The academic portion is a head-to-head knowledge based competition between two teams of four students, competing to quickly answer questions in categories of astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, mathematics, physics and Earth science. The hydrogen fuel-cell car race challenges students to design, build and operate a small lightweight racecar that can race over a 10-meter long course as quickly as possible using only distilled water as fuel.

Representing CSP at this competition were two teams: CSP Team-1 composed of seventh and eighth graders consisted of: Adedoyin Olagbegi, Andrew Link, Jack Andraka, Sandra Sandeep, and Tristan Carmean. CSP Team-2 was all sixth graders and consisted of: Anthony Krieger , Benjamin Kelm, Dominic Riveria , Jeremy Dy, and Kristopher Burkowski. These teams were selected after competitive tryouts at CSP and were coached by CSP Math Teacher, Mr. Ferhat Avsar, CSP Science Teacher Mrs. Karaduman and parent volunteer’s Mr. Steve Andraka and Mr. Bernie Kelm.

CSP’s two Science Bowl teams did extremely well, each finishing in second place in their 5-team grouping during the academic portion, an excellent performance given their inexperience with the format details of the “quiz show” aspect of the academic portion. While this did not qualify the CSP teams for the competition National finals, it did put them in a tie for fifth place overall in an eighteen-team field that included many of the magnet middle schools in Maryland and has CSP poised for even greater success in the future.

For the Hydrogen Fuel Race, the teams met weekly after school to learn about vehicle design, and developed their own car design that would use hydrogen collected from electrolyzing distilled water as a fuel source. CSP Team-1 developed a three-wheeled design using a foam-core chassis that completed the 10-meter course with a best time of 3.2 seconds. CSP Team-2 developed a lightweight four wheeled-car car using a balsa wood chassis that was only slightly slower, finishing the course with a best time of 4.2 seconds. CSP Team-1’s scale speed of nearly 100 mph qualified them for the final race, where they ended up winning the second place trophy!

Congratulations to CSP Community!

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