CSP Student Received Third Place in the International Turkish Olympiads!



Taylor Schwartz, CSP eighth grade student returned home with a bronze medal from the 9th International Turkish Olympiads. The Olympiads were held in Istanbul, Turkey in July 2011 and hosted approximately 1000 students from 130 countries around the globe.


Taylor received the first place in the regional competition held in Washington, D.C. and became eligible to represent the United States of America. “She has been preparing for this competition for the last three years and we are not surprised with the result.” said Mrs. Tuncer, Taylor’s Turkish coach. “That was a life time experience. Getting to know so many people from so many different countries and the exceptional Turkish hospitality were so amazing! I would like to try again and shoot for the first place.” added Taylor.


Taylor participated in the Turkish Poetry contest during the fifteen day competition. The competition was sponsored by the International Turkish Teaching Association and took fifteen days of challenging sessions of various performances. After the event students had an opportunity to enjoy another fifteen day tour to the natural and historic attractions of the country. “It was like touring with the United Nations.” said Taylor, referring to the unique diversity she experienced. “Including two math and two science competitions CSP students participated in, the International Turkish Olympiads is the fifth international competition CSP students have participated in this year only, representing the United States of America with Pride and Honor. Considering the 330 student enrollment, this is quite an accomplishment.” said Mr. Lancaster, CSP Governing Board President.


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