CSP AP Test Schedule

  • If you are taking a paper/pencil exam, you will be taking the AP exam at CSP.
  • The AP exam runs like a normal year, and you have to report to the building at 7:30 am.
  • Students are supposed to leave the building right after the test.
  • If you are taking a digital exam, you will be taking the AP exam at home.
  • You have to have the Digital Testing App downloaded on your computer (this will already be completed by the School Issued Chromebooks), complete the setup for each exam 1-3 days before the date of the AP exam, and log into the Digital Testing App to take the test 30 minutes before the exam starts.
  • The exam will automatically start at the designated testing time.
AP test CSP plan
United States Government and Politics 3-May-21 7:30am Paper Pencil (At School)
Biology 14-May-21 7:30am Paper Pencil (At School)
United States History 19-May-21 12:00pm Digital (At Home)
World History: Modern 20-May-21 12:00pm Digital (At Home)
Calculus AB 24-May-21 7:30am Paper Pencil (At School)
Calculus BC 24-May-21 7:30am Paper Pencil (At School)
Statistics 25-May-21 11:30am Paper Pencil (At School)
English Language and Composition 26-May-21 12:00pm Digital (At Home)
Calculus AB 9-Jun-21 12:00pm Digital (At Home)
Calculus BC 9-Jun-21 12:00pm Digital (At Home)
Chemistry 10-Jun-21 12:00pm Digital (At Home)
Statistics 10-Jun-21 4:00pm Digital (At Home)CSP 2021 AP digital testing
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Club Lists

2019-2020 CSP After school clubs

2020-2021 CSP virtual Clubs

Middle school athletics club MS chess club
StuCo Cooking Club
StuCo – 8th grade officers Drama/Theatre Club
SGA Civic Debate Club
ELA Enrichment/ Spelling Bee Drawing Club
MDOT Tracc bridge builder HS ESPN Club
HS Science Olympiad High School Chess Club
SeaPerch High School Girls Who Code
Archery Math Enrichment Thru Games
10th grade SGA Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Run Club Medical Club
Math Enrichment Club guitar club
6th Grade Math Enrichment Japan Club
Science National Honor Society Math Games
Geo Arts and Help Club Photography
MS Robotics Rubiks Cube
Robotics Video Game Club- High School
MS Science Olympiad Writing Workshop
National Science Bowl Running Club
HS Medical Science Online Games
RUBIK’S CUBE Black Student Union (BSU)
Crochet Current Events
Multi-cultural Club Yearbook club
Coloring club
CrossFit club
Hang Out Club
Rocket League Club
To Do List/Calendar/Planner Club
Mythology & Folklore Club
Top Gear Club(Gear Head Club)
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Support Our NEW Charter Petition for Chesapeake Coding Academy!

Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation is gearing up to create a new opportunity for K-5 students in Anne Arundel County specializing in coding and robotics! With two successful elementary schools in Prince George’s County, our goal is to recreate the same strong academic program for our Anne Arundel elementary students and to continue the legacy of our award winning middle & high school - Chesapeake Science Point (CSP). 

We invite you to help us complete the CSP legacy by completing the 1 minute survey below to support our efforts to bring a new charter for ALL elementary students to Anne Arundel County!

Thank you for your support!


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Balance Boxes

Dear CLF Stakeholders,


COVID-19 has shaken the world as it swept over our country, causing many schools to shut their doors temporarily. Unfortunately, distance learning left many students from underserved communities without the necessary resources to learn and to stay engaged.


Chesapeake Science Point (CSP) students – Maya Holloman, Chloe Lee, and Madison Lee began searching for an organization that would benefit their community during these unprecedented times. They soon found “Balance Boxes” – a youth-led registered 501(c)3 non-profit that provides school-aged children 5-12 in low-income communities with enjoyable academic activities all over the world.


The CSP sophomores were soon vetted by their peers and accepted into the Balance Boxes Maryland chapter in 2020. As the students became more involved they invited CSP sophomore Alessandra Ortiz to join the organization. Holloman, now a vet in the organization advanced to the 2021 Balance Boxes executive board, and was named the Media and Community Relations Chair. The  teen volunteers spend their time reaching out to companies for donations, packaging boxes and ultimately delivering them..


Balance Boxes was created by two Illinois high schoolers to help kids from underserved communities stay engaged in learning in 2020. In the organization’s first year, it has already spread to 23 states and 23 countries, donating over 5,000 boxes to underserved children, partnering with companies like LeapFrog, Toys for Tots, and Target.


During a zoom interview with the CLF Communications Department the CSP students collectively stated, “They feel very humbled to have the opportunity to give back to their community and communities around the globe and continually search for more ways to serve their community.”


How You Can Help 

The CLF community can help Balance Boxes by donating games, toys, board games, and/or books that are in good condition. Monetary donations as well as donations of snacks are also appreciated. Balance Boxes is now preparing for their 1-year anniversary virtual gala, where tickets are being sold to raise money for the cause. To register for the gala visit please



For more information about the organization or to volunteer, please visit or follow their Instagram @balanceboxesnp_md. To make a donation or become a volunteer, email Maya at​.​




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