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  First Annual CLF STEM Fair  

The first annual CLF STEM Fair was a huge success.  Our students did a FANTASTIC job in displaying, presenting, and effectively communicating their science fair projects.  The project display boards were proof positive that our students are developing the skill sets needed to become logical thinkers and our future pool of doctors, scientists, mathematicians, engineers and so much more.  It was amazing to see the product of each student’s hard work, and the support that came with each hardworking student. CLF could not have asked for a better display of school pride and enthusiasm about the sciences.

The CLF STEM Fair started off in the early hours of Saturday December 13th as the judging sessions started. The high school students gathered in the CSP building. The middle school student gathered at University of Maryland, whereas the elementary students remained in the CMIT Elementary building. As each student explained their projects to a variety of skilled judges, the students anticipated the arrival of the awards reception. The CLF STEM Fair projects consisted of a diverse palette of intriguing ideas that were traced with hard work. It was noticeable that every student had worked with inspiration, and carried out their projects with the support of an amazing team consisting of staff, parents, volunteers, and administrators.

The program ran smoothly with the expertise of Miss University City, Kendall Smith.  Ms. Smith did a fantastic job announcing our VIP speakers, award recipients, and amazing performers.  The honorable Attorney General Doug Gansler spoke encouraging words that supported our mission to prepare our students for the 21st century workforce.  Mr. Gregory S. Bekher, a recent valedictorian of CSP, motivated our students to strive for excellence and not to allow failure or a loss to stop them from achieving their goals and aspirations.  Our very own CLF Board President, Mr. Spear Lancaster, was delighted to speak to our students as well, and hand them some amazing awards.

CLF is extremely thankful for our students and parents who volunteered to perform at the Awards Reception.  Ms. Renee Collins Georges did a superb job singing the National Anthem.  The CMIT North Turkish Dance Club dazzled us with their traditional dance moves to the beat of some of today’s top song selections.  Last but not least, Ms. Alexis Shelton, a CSP 10th grade student, performed a beautiful rendition of ROAR by Katy Perry that had all of the student Tigers roaring along to the beat of the music.

The program was jam packed with VIP appearances, citations from the Governor, and a PowerPoint presentation depicting the history of CLF, CSP, and the paved path to the CMIT Academies.  The entire event was just spectacular from start to finish.  With a crowd of roughly 3,000 spectators, our students were gleaming as they walked up on stage to receive their awards.  The support from their peers was particularly heartwarming.  We believe we even sensed a healthy competition between schools as the respective schools heard their own students’ names called or if the school swept an entire category.  With each award announced there was a wave of support and encouragement from each of the schools. The awards reception was a perfect representation of the school spirit and enthusiasm displayed by our students throughout the school year.

Kudos to the CLF STEM Fair team made up of administrators, science fair coordinators, CLF employees and our amazing parents.  Job well done!  We are confident that the future STEM Fairs will only get better and attract spectators both near and far.

Please visit to view video and image gallery.

Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation


  Financial Aid Season  

Hello and Happy New Year from the College Counseling Office!
Seniors: Please give this information its due attention.
A new year means new responsibilities for students and parents, and if the calendar says January, it must be financial aid season. It is really, really important for each family to go through the financial aid process.

--Create a PIN. It is a required step. This takes only a minute and you have to have it to apply for financial aid. Go to or Google “financial aid pin” to find it yourself.

--Fill out the FAFSA! There is nothing more important in regards to financial aid than filling out this form. It makes you eligible for federal financial aid. Go to This is a more involved process, and you need your family’s financial information. You can estimate income, and then go back and correct it once you know the exact numbers. DO NOT WAIT to fill out the FAFSA. Do it ASAP. Many colleges have February 15 as their priority deadline so use February 1 as YOUR deadline.

--Set up an account for state financial aid at Click on Student Login to create an account. Fill out everything you need to do so that you are eligible for all scholarships and grants that the state gives. I have a handout that explains all the programs that the state has. Use the same February 1 deadline as your guide.

--Be sure to fill out all forms for each college you are applying to. Each college will have different requirements, so be sure you are following each school’s directions.

Also, search for other scholarships on the scholarship websites (, fastweb, petersons, collegeboard, etc.)
Do not let this slip through. Start working on it now. They do not accept late submissions! Deadlines are deadlines.
I will be meeting with each senior ASAP to talk about their spring schedule and where they are in the college process.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dr. Gonzalez


  CSP Boys and Girls Basketball News Updates...  

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CSP BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM for winning the 2014 Inaugural Northeast Eagles Basketball Holiday Tournament!...Boys defeated Severna Park H.S. in the championship game, 48-23. The Boys are now undefeated @ 7-0 on the season!

The Boys and Girls will play Wednesday, 1/7 @ Tacoma Academy. Girls will play @ 4pm and Boys will play @ 5:30pm. Boys will play again on Friday,1/9 here at CSP against North County at 4pm. Come on out and support your team!

Erik W. Johnson


  Redesigned SAT for our 10th and 11th grades  

Congratulations CSP Families!
CSP is chosen by College Board to participate a research study for the redesigned SAT for our 10th and 11th grades!
The redesigned SAT will be conducted on Saturday, January 10th, 2014. The total amount of time to complete this pilot test will be approximately 5 hours and it will start promptly at 10:30am. The research study will include one test that will measure skills in math, reading, and writing and a second shorter test in one of the three content areas.
The College Board is awarding our school and students for the participation by:
· Compensating our school $15 for every student in our school who completes the test. (Compensation will be paid approximately 8-12 weeks after the testing)

· Providing free access to the current SAT Online Course for all students in the school (not just those who participate in the study)

· Providing an incentive for the students who complete the test. Specifically, students will be paid a $25 gift card. CSP will receive a shipment of gift cards and a list of students who completed the test approximately 16 weeks after the testing windows.

We believe by taking the redesigned SAT, our 10th and 11th grades will have a great chance to review the redesigned SAT questions.
Please click the link below and fill out the form if you want to take this great opportunity:

Gonul Ozturk


  Re-Enrollment Forms for 2015-2016  

All students received re-enrollment forms for the 2015-2016 school year on December 12th. The re-enrollment form was attached to the Interim Reports.
If you have not done so, please take a moment and fill out the form and return it to school as soon as possible, Even if you are not planning to attend CSP next year, this information is crucial in planning ahead.
Every student must return the re-enrollment form by the deadline of January 19th. Those students that return the form late or not at all will lose their seat for next year.
Students must turn in the re-enrollment form to the front desk. If you want to confirm that your child turned in their form, you may send an email to and you will receive a reply within 48 hours.
If the form is misplaced, there will be extras at the front desk area and it will also be located on the CSP website.

Mrs. O'Brien


  Absences and Excuse Notes  

If your child is absent from school, a note must be provided within 3 days of the absence. Students should turn in the absent to their 1st period teachers and not the front desk. Parents can also email excuse notes to Ms. June (for middle school students) or Ms. O'Brien. (for high school students)
Turning absent notes into 1st period teachers is a new so we want to make parents aware so you can talk it over with your children. Only students with excused absences will be allowed to make up work they missed while absent.

Mrs. O'Brien


  Extended Absence Form  

If a student will miss more than 4 days, an extended absence form must be turned in and approved at least 1 week prior to the occurrence. The form is located at the front desk and on the CSP website under the student tab. Students must first get approval from each of their teachers and then submit it to Ms. Moore for approval.

Ms. Moore will need time to discuss the need and each request individually with Mr. G. If a student fails to submit the form prior to the absences, the absences will not be approved and students will not be allowed to make up the work.
It is not a guarantee that the absences will be approved even if submitted on time.

Mrs. O'Brien

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