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Tuesday, 17 June 2014
Issue No. 22 



CSP First Class Graduation

After 9 years of hard work and dedication, CSP had its first ever senior class graduate Tuesday, June 3, 2014. CSP gym was filled with jubilance and sadness, laughter and tears, as students walked across the stage and received their diplomas. Some graduates have been with us as long as 7 years, completing both middle and high school at CSP. The keynote address was delivered AACPS Board Member Kevin Jackson; valedictorian and salutatorian addresses delivered by Greg Bekher and Anie Shanazarian, respectfully. Among the other distinguished guests that night was Superintendent Mamie Perkins. CSP wishes the best of luck to all of its cherished first graduates.

CSP All Sports Banquet

To the CSP Community,

I wanted to thank everyone for an amazing first tear of athletics here at CSP.  This year was full of amazing accomplishments, growth and experiences that each of us will never forget.  Watching each team compete and reach their individual goals has been an extremely rewarding experience.

We wrapped up our inaugural year of athletics with an amazing sports banquet.  The banquet was a celebration of the entire program.  We had a tremendous turnout for our first ever “All Sports Banquet”.  We had over 160 people attend this event and help send off the year in style.  Each team awarded their most valuable player and reminded us of all their amazing accomplishments.

In addition to the MVP’s awarded at the banquet, the first ever “Tiger Award” was awarded to all athletes that participated in at least two sports, held a 2.5 grade point average or better, and demonstrated sportsmanship on and off the court/ field.

Along with the MVP and Tiger Award, the CSP coaches came together and voted on the prestigious CSP Scholar Athlete Award and CSP Courage Award.  The Scholar Award is an award that recognizes the highest GPA amongst all CSP athletes while participating in at least two sports.  The CSP Courage is an award that recognizes one male and one female athlete that has overcome adversity and or hardship and continued to persevere as part of CSP Athletics.

I want to thank all the members of the Parent Athletic Committee (PAC) for hosting the event.  I also want to thank all the players, parents, administration and coaches that attended the banquet.  It was a truly amazing experience!

I would like to recognize the winners of each award as well as the amazing coaches that have spent their time and effort to help our athletes learn valuable life lessons through sport.

Girls Soccer Head Coach: Ms. Birmingham                     Girls Soccer MVP:  Jenna Kelly

Girls Soccer Volunteer Coach:  Mr. Hamrum

Boys Soccer Head Coach:  Mr. Ilk                                     Boys Soccer MVP:  Christian Oquendo

Boys Soccer Volunteer:  Mr. Albayrak

Boys Basketball Head Coach:  Mr. Pratt                           Boys Basketball MVP:  Dominic Thornton & Roy Davis

Boys Basketball Volunteer: Mr. Reiter

Boys Basketball Volunteer: Mr. Thompson

Girls Basketball Head Coach:  Ms. Birmingham               Girls Basketball MVP:  Brianna Strong

Girls Basketball Volunteer:  Ms. Zambito

Track and Field Head Coach:  Mr. Hamrum                     Girls Track MVP:  Alexes Shelton

Track and Field Volunteer:  Mr. Morton                          Boys Track MVP:  Kenneth Griffin

Track and Field Volunteer:  Mr. Ilk

Bocce Team Head Coach:  Ms. Cunning                           Bocce MVP:  Dillon Fitzgerald

Bocce Team Volunteer:  Ms. Betty Griffin


Reenah Sheikh                                     Reenah Sheikh - Female winner!                      Jamie Purper

Niyi Adeleye                                         Alexes Shelton                                                     Carlos Diaz

Dorothy Alcoser                                   Dorothy Alcoser

Liam Roerick                                         Elaina Pagan

Mariah Dorsey                                      Yemi Oyemade – Male Winner!

Logan Roes                                            Logan Roes

Yemi Oyemade                                     Ahtesham Chaudhry

Yinka Olagbegi                                      Niyi Adeleye

Elaina Pagan

Franko Albayrak

Roman Onyshkevych

Wali Sharifi

Alexes Shelton

Brianna Strong

Dominic Thornton

Jorden Anderson

Makayla Williams

Yasmin Sheikh

Collin Parker

Noah Waters

Catelyn Middlebrooks

CSP Robotics Team

Recently the CSP Robotics team participated in the regional SeaPerch competition on April 5th, 2014 and got 3rd place out of 130+ teams. By getting 3rd place this allowed them to proceed forward to the national competition in Mississippi.

The team stayed after school twice a week for the club and worked very hard on their robots. Over holidays there were overnight camps held at Sandy Cove to help prepare them for the competition. The students were able to get their SeaPerch built and tested during this time.

At the nationals there were over 100 teams from all over the world and country. All the teams were competing for ‘The Heist” performance, the obstacle course performance, the project presentation, and for the design of the Perch. The CSP Tiger Bots’ SeaPerch features a unique function of having a gearbox to rotate the motors so the Perch could be immensely powerful for moving in any direction. Also, many other modifications were added to the Perch last a few weeks, such as a buoyancy modifier that lets the Perch arise much quicker.

The team was led by Asjed and included Kevin Butler, Mustafa Topcu and accompanied by Eric Chu, Alec Zawislak, Daniel Prieto, and Nathan Taylor. At nationals the team got an award for the Engineering Excellence in the whole United States.  Thanks to their genius ideas and hard work they made it far and won a special award for CSP.

Here is the sum of their accomplishments for this school year:

-      FLL robotics competition At Carroll Community College: 1st place in Project category

-      FTC robotics competition at USNA: 2nd place in Robot Game

-      SeaPerch regional competition at USNA: 3rd place in “Heist” Challenge

-      SeaPerch national competition at Southern University of Mississippi: Engineering Excellence Award.

Please click here for CSP Robotics Club website; www.tigerbots.webs.com

Earth Fest

CSP held its 5th annual Earth Fest celebration on Friday, May 30. The parking lot was filled with students playing fun games, enjoying the massive rides, and spending time with their friends. Thank you to all students, staff, and parents who helped to organize another fun Earth Fest at CSP!

Art at CSP

This year the students at CSP not only shined academically but demonstrated how creative they can be through artistic expression.  The True Colors classes in grades six through eight worked on a variety of lessons that emphasized the art elements and principles of design while building technical skills.   They experimented with drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture while learning the role that art plays in communication as well as analyzing the historical and cultural context in which it was created. The student works pictured include lessons on Surrealism, Mimbres Pottery, perspective, figure drawing, color theory, and value.

Turkish Night

The 3rd Annual Turkish Cultural Night held on June 6 was a huge success! Students, parents, and staff from all grade levels attended the event held in the gym. The night was filled with delicious Turkish food, cultural arts booths, and traditional song and dance by our very own CSP students! The program featured several of our students singing and reciting poetry, as well as an excellent performance by our CSP Dance Team and puppet show!