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"The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn."

-Alvin Toffler


CSP Math Team Success

Chesapeake Science Point’s Math Team Wins Two Math Contests on Same Day

Middle School MathCounts Chapter Round Contest & Anne Arundel County High School Math Competition Season Finale

March 10, 2014 – Chesapeake Science Point’s (CSP) Math Team competed in two separate math competitions today and won both, continuing an absolutely exceptional year!  These wins completed their season sweep of the AACC High School Math competition and earned CSP the right to advance to the statewide Mathcounts Middle School Math competition.

AACC High School Math Competition:

The first contest of the day was the fifth and final event in the Anne Arundel Community College High School Math Competition.  In this competition students compete in two rounds: an individual round where students have 30 minutes to complete 6 very challenging math problems, and a team round where a team of 5 students has 30 minutes to complete 6 even harder problems.  AACC sponsors this competition season, with 5 monthly contests in the contest season running from October to February.   CSP’s High School Math Team had won the previous four events of the season, and with today’s win capped a perfect season for CSP repeating last years performance of winning all five individual competitions and winning the season tally by a wide margin.   As individual awards were announced, CSP was also had four individuals recognized for having exceptional season scores as individuals.  CSP 12th grader Lukash Onyshkevych had the highest score on any individual.  CSP 12th grader Ruslan Onyshkevych had the 2nd highest score, while CSP 9th grader Anthony Krieger earned the 3rd highest individual score and CSP 9th grader Benjamin Kelm earned the 5th highest individual score in the season tally.  Those four CSP students as top season scorers all were presented with the Donald Wertz Memorial Award and each earned their choice of an advanced mathematics book to commemorate this award.

Today’s win extended CSP’s winning streak to 13 straight competitions over the past three seasons.

For the 2013-2014 season, the following students represented CSP at the AACC High School Math Competitions:

12th grade: Greg Bekher, Jason Clyde, Michael Moler, Lukash Onyshkevych, Ruslan Onyshkevych

11th grade: Clarissa Sorrells, Sean Wiles

10th grade: Ahtesham Chaudhry, Rooney Kaplos

9th grade: Benjamin Kelm, David Kravets, Anthony Krieger

8th grade: Sam Altman Farrell, Matthew Berg, Glenn Boyette, Joshua Brunk, Jane Huang

7th grade: Maya Albayrak, Madelyn Ault, Olivia Burkowski, Emma Dy, Sterling Fleming, John Gallerizzo, Christian Hardy, Mark Kelm, Maria Mao, Ayomikun Oyemade, Connor Parker, Cory Powers, Bosith Weerasinghe, Stanley Zhu

2013-2014 Season Total

February 2014 Competition

Chesapeake Science Point



Severn School



Archbishop Spalding



Severna Park HS



South River HS



North County HS



The Key School



Chesapeake HS



Arundel HS



Southern HS



Meade HS



Broadneck HS



Northeast HS



Annapolis HS



Glen Burnie HS



Old Mill HS



Mathcounts Middle School Annapolis Chapter Round Math Competition:

While their high school teammates were competing across campus, CSP’s Middle School Math Team members were competing in the Mathcounts Annapolis Chapter Regional competition.  This regional competition is open to middle school students throughout Anne Arundel County and the Maryland Eastern Shore and high scoring schools and individuals at this competition earn the right to advance to the Mathcounts statewide tournament to be held on March 15th.    CSP students won both the team portion of the contest and finished extremely well in the individual portion of the contest, earning the top 6 individual positions as well as having 8 of the top 10 scores overall.

Glenn Boyette

1st  Place

Connor Parker

2nd Place

Maria Mao

3rd Place

Jane Huang

4th Place

Stanley Zhu

5th Place

Joshua Brunk

6th Place

Cory Powers

9th Place

Mark Kelm

10th Place

CSP’s team of Glenn Boyette, Janue Huang, Joshua Brunk and Emma Dy had their individual round scores combined with the results of a 20-minute 10-question team round earning them the overall highest, 1st place team score in today’s event.

In addition to the formal competition program, Mathcounts also conducts a head-to-head rapid fire Countdown round, where two students compete to see who can most quickly solve a problem in 45 seconds.   In this round where the students often completed the problem before the question was completely read, CSP’s Maria Mao advanced to the final round and ultimately finished in 2nd place.

Along with the students listed above, CSP’s middle school math team was also represented by:  Maya Albayrak, Oumarr Bah, Matthew Berg, Christian Hardy and Bosith Weerasinghe.

CSP’s math team earns these great results through hard work and dedication of the students, their teachers, coaches and parents.  CSP’s math team practices competitive math skills for an hour before school everyday with their head coach, parent volunteer Mr. Bernie Kelm and teacher coaches Mrs. Imelda Valencia, Mr. Vincent Njong and Mr. Faiz Mohideen.  Their morning math routine involves learning math and problem solving techniques in fun ways and is focused as much on being able to apply those skills to their studies and life as a whole as it is to applying it to competitive math contests.

Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School, located in Anne Arundel County at 7321 Parkway Drive South, Hanover, Maryland, is a nationally recognized public charter school with a strong focus on science, math and technology and emphasizes preparation of its students for continued higher education. The school consistently places at the top in test scores in several categories at the state level and has competed and placed highly in mathematics and scientific competitions at the statewide level, nationally and internationally. For more information, visit the CSP website at: http://www.mycsp.org .

Multi Cultural Art Fest

Multicultural night was held at CSP Gym with the attendance of CSP and CMIT students, parents and staff. Over 200 participants worked in groups and individually to create a glimpse of their culture. This activity was a great showcase of the schools’ diversity as well as their ability to work together to create a joyful and vibrant experience. It was really an eye-opening moment for the guests to see the different aspects of various cultures, whether it is their clothes, music, or food.  Everybody really had the opportunity to experience almost the entire world in one night. In the end, it was an excellent night and we all realized the unique range of cultures that unite under the roof of CSP.

8th Grade Ivy Trip

The 8th grade field trip is in motion! Join us as we travel to Yale, Harvard, and MIT to give the students a taste of the Ivy League! The trip will be Thursday, April 24th through Friday, April 25th. Field trip forms were sent home recently with the students. Forms must be completed and returned as soon as possible! We are also looking for parent chaperones! The estimated costs of the trip will be $200 per student (subject to change depending on total attendance).  Please return these forms to your 8th grade ELA teacher. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact wadolfsen@mycsp.org.

Career Day

Our Annual Career Day will take place on Tuesday April 8, 2014 from 8am – 2 pm.  Breakfast and lunch will be served.  If you, or someone you know would like to share your career with our students, please let us know.  If you only have half of the day available, that’s ok!

Our students are very excited about Career Day.  We need your participation to make it a success.

Please email Claudia Chang at cchang@mycsp.org if you or someone you know would like to participate.

CSP School Play

**Please save the date for the school play April 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2014. We hope to see you there!

**Practices will now be taking place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday directly after school until 5pm in the cafeteria.

Practice Photos with (left to right) Quann as Benvolio, Cameron as Lord Monotone, and Deji as Romeo

Practice photos with Ana as the Nurse

Practice photos with (left to right) Seamus as Tybalt, Ana as the Nurse, and Lillyanna as Juliet

Spring Fling Vendor Fair and Play

The weekend of April 4 will be very exciting with the 1st Annual  CSP Play, The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet. Mrs. Bulisco and the drama club has been working hard to put this together.

In addition, we would like to add a Vendor Fair or Spring Fling. Lunch will be available and it will be a relaxed day to enjoy the play, do some shopping for Mothers Day (May 11, 2014), have some lunch and hang out!

If you are a crafter of any sort or have any business that does at home parties, please participate.

We have room for about 20 tables but spots have been filling up fast!

Please email Claudia Chang cchang@mycsp.org for more information.

Baysox Newsletter

Read & Hit A Home Run Reading Program

Prior to the start of the Bowie Baysox 1996 season, the team established the Read & Hit A Home Run Reading Program to help encourage literacy and an excitement for reading in local elementary and middle school students.

The Language Arts Department has registered our students to participate in the Read & Hit a Home Run Reading Program this year.  The idea is simple; each student who wants to participate has to read 4 books.  Since we run Reading Workshop in our classrooms, we know that our students are fantastic readers and can accomplish this goal with no problem.  We will keep track of the books read during Reading Workshop, since most of the reading is done at home, and award those students who meet the goal with a FREE TICKET to a game during Anne Arundel County’s Reading Night at a Bowie Baysox home game.  All students attending this reading night will be invited to participate in a pre-game event on the field before the game to recognize their individual and school's accomplishments!  Additionally, the home game tickets will be highly discounted for other family members who would like to come to the event.

More information on the exact date of our Reading Night will follow.  Please feel free to email questions to dmccallister@mycsp.org

If you have not been to the Bowie Baysox Stadium, it is a very nice family atmosphere.  The stadium is beautiful, great food, and plenty to do in addition to watching the game.  -Donna McCallister

Career Exploration

AACC Annual Career Exploration Fair was held on Saturday, March 8th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. College-bound high school students were encouraged to attend. Parents and students met with business people and career leaders to learn how to build a career in engineering, finance, nonprofit organizations, veterinary and health fields, as well as careers within the federal and state governments.   ?

CSP was presented at the career fair with the highest attendance from the students. Mr. Kaya and other CSP personnel opened a booth at the fair were to meet the students. Ms. Perkins, Interim Superintendent of Schools, President of 21st Century Foundation and many other VIP visited CSP booth and congratulated us for our focus on the fair.

Junior News

Feb 21st Junior Night:

To prepare juniors for their senior year and the college application process, High School Junior Night was held on February 21st. Parents and students received important information regarding the college search process, the application process, admissions, financial aid, and timelines for 2014-2015 seniors. All college-bound juniors have important tasks to complete, including taking the SAT and/or the ACT, completing FAFSA or the CSS Profile,  writing college essays, keeping up with submissions deadlines, and more that was discussed during Junior Night.

Juniors Get Ready for your Fall JHU ASPIRE Application

ASPIRE (APL’s Student Program to Inspire, Relate & Enrich) offers research-based internships for high school students. Qualified students are recommended by their teachers/schools and placed into one-on-one mentoring relationships with APL staff members to complete research projects.  The applications will start in May. You will need two letters of teacher recommendations.Contact Mr.Cicek if you are interested. To get more information visit http://www.jhuapl.edu/STEM/students/aspire.asp

Naval Academy Summer Seminar application closing on March 31st

If you are a Junior and considering Naval Academy as an option for your college application this year, you should not miss this opportunity. Naval Academy requires you to either join this program or you have to complete a preliminary application made during your junior year.  For more information and for the application link visit http://www.usna.edu/Admissions/NASS/

Note: You might be eligible for a scholarship for the program fee (up to $400), see Mr. Cicek if you are interested.

CSP Athletics- End of Basketball Season

The athletic program closed out another successful and exciting chapter with the conclusion of our inaugural basketball seasons.  The boys and girls basketball teams fought with determination and pride in true CSP fashion.  Each team was able to experience true success and team improvements throughout the season.

The gym was full of screaming students and families each and every game night.  We had many comments from other schools and coaches that the game atmosphere was one of the best they had experienced.  What a true complement to our fans and supporters.

Each team should be extremely proud of their accomplishments and take pride in being a part of something special.  The athletic tradition has begun here at CSP and our athletes are setting the groundwork for a successful and respected program.

Thank you to all the coaches, parents, players, administration and our amazing volunteers for helping to make our first basketball season a true success.

Girls Basketball Coaches: Ms. Birmingham and Ms. Zambito

Girls Basketball Team Brianna Strong, Alexes Shelton, Micayla Williams, Regina Funk, Caitlyn Middlebrooks, Yasmin Sheikh, Mya Dickerson, Mariah Dorsey, Elaina Pagan, and Dorothy Alcoser.

Boys Basketball Coaches: Josh Pratt, Jarrett Thompson and Allen Reiter

Boys Basketball Team: Roy Davis, Dominic Thornton, Wali Sharifi, Adeyinka Olagbegi, Yusef Ali, Ahtesham Chaudhry, Adeyemi Oyemade, Jorden Anderson, Jalen Anderson, Nick Van Wright, Trevor Talbot, Evan Yusef, Adeniyi Adeleye, and Kevin Landis

Basketball Managers Amber Dodd, Carlos Diaz, Andrew Morris, Emma Dye, and Caroline Hammer.

Parent Volunteers: Terrie Dye, Claudia Chang, Raju Ali, Joyce Pagan, Kevin Waters, Jessica Roerick, Mizley Rifkey, Joyce and Dave Hornick, Phenon Talbot, Sue and Charles Messerschmidt, June Calvert and Ruth Lurz.

A special thank you to Ms. Ruth Lurz for organizing the parent volunteers throughout the basketball season.  We were always staffed and concessions was a huge success!  THANK YOU!

CSP Celebrating Black History Month

CSP Celebrating Black History Month

CSP held several activities to celebrate Black History Month.

Here is an example from the science classes!

In commemoration of Black History Month, the students of 7D, with the help of Mr. Hamrum and Ms. Pettus, put together a bulletin board celebrating many notable African-American scientists and inventors.  The scientists who were researched by the students include: Roger Arin Young, Herman Russel Branson, Elijah McCoy, Garrett Augustus Morgan, Norbert Rillieux, Mae Jemison, Charles Henry Turner, Jewl Plummer Cobb, Daniel Hale Williams, Henry Cecil Ransom McBay, Evan Forde, Percy Lovan Julian, Marie Maynard Daly, Granville Woods, and Benjamin Banneker.

Here is the example from the LA classes!

Ms. Bulisco’s 7th Grade students had the opportunity to do an extension assignment in class which compared our current novel character to African American historical figures. They created a compare and contrasted chart that incorporates research, artistic ability, and literature interpretation.

Candyland Dance

The Student Council hosted the February Middle School CandyLand Dance on Friday, February 21st. Students had a great time and enjoyed the music, candy, and decorations set up by volunteers.

High School Movie Night

On Friday the 21st, the senior class hosted February High School movie night! Students watched two classics, The Princess Bride and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Senior volunteers and student council served concessions and premiered the first movie night double-feature. All proceeds from concessions go to fund the May Junior/Senior Prom and senior graduation.


CSP is gearing up for fundraisers with Giant Food, Target, Labels for Education, and Laurer’s Supermarket. Parents are encouraged to browse and register with these web sites to earn CSP fundraising:




Additionally, to provide the school funds at no cost to parents at Laurer’s Supermarket, simply tell the clerk CSP’s school ID (5048) at time of checkout.

Parent Link

Please see the link below for AACPS Parent Link flyer for March 2014.

Click here to view in English

Click here to view in Spanish

Health Room Reminder

Just a friendly reminder from the health room to our Chesapeake Science Point families regarding changes in required immunization for the following school year 2014. COMAR has changed the requirements for students entering Kindergarten and the 7th grade in September 2014. The Kindergarten students will be required to have 2 doses of MMR (Mumps, Measles, and Rubella) and 2 doses of Varicella (chickenpox). For those families that have students entering the 7th grade the requirements are 1 dose of Tdap and 1 dose of Meningococcal (MCV). Please review the information sheet attached. Any questions or concerns feel free to call the health room or go to http://www.dsd.state.md.us/comar/searchall.aspx.

Joni Dorsey RN

School Health Services

Chesapeake Science Point / Jessup ES

Click here to view the flyer