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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Issue No. 4


Principal's Letter

Dear CSP Parents,

CSP experienced two wonderful Back to School Night Events with your great participation and support. I believe this will be  another successful academic year with your effective partnership effort. I want to thank our parents, students, , teachers, and board members making this event tremendously successful. 

Please, continue to reinforce the good attendance and 100% compliance with the uniform policy to the student(s), keep the focus on the academic achievement together with the positive social interaction with peers in order to complete the school year with a great success.

CSP is  implementing AACPS bullying prevention program to improve our safe and orderly school environment. Research states  among the students across the country, students have been involved with bullying other students directly or via internet. In large scale national survey (Nasel et al, 2001), 30% of children reported being involved in bullying. Please check internet safety tools to protect your child from cyber bullying and discuss with your child about AACPS Safety Line. Please remember you can report bullying incidents by calling the number If you want more information about cyber bullying please refer to www.cyberbullying.org. Also to see AACPS parents` guide of bullying prevention please click the link below:


CSP family welcomes  the new High School Dean Mr. Kazim Cicek, kcicek@mycsp.org , and the Middle School Dean , Mrs. Ashley Moore, amoore@mycsp.org. Please do not hesitate to contact them for any suggestions, questions and/or concerns.


Nasel, T. R., Overpeck, M., Pilla, R. S., Ruan, W. J.,Simons-Morton, B., & Schedidt, P. (2001). Bullying behavoiors among U.S. youth: Prevalence and association with psychosocial adjustment. Journal of the American Medical Assosiation, 285, 2094-2100.


Parent Connect

ParentCONNECTxpThere is a problem with CSP’s connection to Parent Connect through Anne Arundel County Public Schools. AACPS is working hard to fix the problem so that you can have the access soon. You will receive updates as we know more about the status.

If you remember your password from last year, you should still be able to access your account.

If you are new to the Parent Connect, you will receive an email next week as to when you can fill out the form and receive your account information. We understand how anxious everyone to gain access to their child's account and we are in constant communication with AACPS  to fix the problem.

Early Dismissal Day

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 will be a two-hour early dismissal day for all students to provide the teachers with a Professional Development opportunity Early Dismissal Bell Schedule is posted on www.mycsp.org under “Students” tab.


Interim report cards will be distributed to all students on Friday, September 27th.

Chick-fil-A Night

Chick-fil-AChick-fil-A Night will take place at the Arundel Mills location this Tuesday, September 17th from 5:00-9:00 pm. Please come out and support CSP.

Market Day

Parent Volunteer - We are currently looking for a parent volunteer to run the Market Day program.  It is not a difficult task, consisting of one day to come out and prepare the flyers to go home with students, one evening a month for deliveries, and a few correspondences with the Market Day Representative.  Please email Ms. O'Brien (aobrien@mycsp.org) if are you interested.

Federal Impact Aid Survey

On September 30th all students will come home with the Federal Impact Aid Survey. AACPS asks that you please fill this out immediately and place in the mail by November 1st. There will be a self-addressed envelope included.

AACC Digital Imaging Course

AACCStudents that are taking this course have received their textbook and a reminder note that the lab fee and book fee are due. If your child is taking this course, please send in payment of $40.00.

11th Grade Corner

All 11th graders interested in ordering class rings were invited to visit Ms. O'Brien and collect the information packet. Balfour will come back to collect orders during lunch on Thursday, September 19, 2013 and Friday, September 20, 2013 Students cannot turn in this information to the school, it must be handled with the company directly.

Senior Corner

Some students still have not turned in their forms with their choices as to what they wish do once classes are over. Please check with your child and see that they turn this in if they have not done so already.

Parking Applications were handed out to all seniors with a due date. If your child plans to drive and park on CSP property we need to receive this application back by the deadline. For further inquiry, please contact Ms. O'Brien at aobrien@mycsp.org.

Parent Task Forces

We would like to thank to all the parents who signed up for Parent Task Forces (PTF) on back to school nights. If you want participate at PTF activities, you can still sign up. Please contact Claudia Chang at cchang@mycsp.org.

In addition, PTF also needs a sophomore, junior and senior class parent as a member. Their responsibility would include meeting with their group every month or two and coordinate events or activities such as getting class t-shirts, fundraising, and organizing end of the year picnic/trip, etc.