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Chesapeake Science Point Charter School

High School Olympiad team at Hopkins States Final

Congratulations to the Science Olympiad team for their most recent showing at the State Tournament at Johns Hopkins University. The team finished with 2- 1st place, 3- 2nd place, 3- 3rd place, 1-4th place, 7-5th place, and 6-6th place awards in various events. While they fell just short of a trophy this year, finishing with the fourth highest score in their division, the season was still a great success. Please make sure to thank them whenever you get a second for showing their CSP pride and knowledge.


Pictured: Students and Coaches celebrate at the awards ceremony.


Coach: Mr. Ashish Vadalia( High School), Yasmin Beazer-Barclay (Middle School) 

Team members: Cassidy Cannon , Maxwell Nelsen , Bosith Weerasinghe , Kristen Marie Valencia , Grant Smotherman , Syd Deregla , Mustafa Topcu , Eric Chu ,Heather Fitzgerald ,Mark Kelm , Ana Fahey , Kaitlin White , Benjamin Kelm (senior) , Matthew Berg , Moeed Mughal , & Daniel Navales

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