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2019 Lady Tigers Roster





Abby Wilkes(Captain) 14 Junior Midfield
Abriella Cortes 13 Freshman Striker
Alessandra Ortiz 12 Freshman Fullback/midfield
Alyssa Basdeo 5 Freshman Midfield/Fullback
Alyssa Glass 24 Freshman Fullback/Striker
Daniella kraft 26 Junior Outside Midfielder
Gaby Ballesteros(Captain) 16 Senior Fullback
Hannah Sullivan 9 Sophomore Midfield/Fullback
Jenna Leydecker(Captain) 8 Senior Center Back/Midfield
Kawthar Mahdi 23 Sophomore Striker
Mackenzie Hamilton 10 Sophomore Fullback
Makayla Reyes 25 Sophomore Fullback
Moksha(MoMo)Kande 20 Junior Striker
Raine Ingulia 6 Sophomore Striker
Samantha Kelly(Captain) 15 Senior Midfield
Sarah Vo 7 Senior Striker
Summer Hornick(Captain) 17 Senior Goalie/Striker

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