Chesapeake Science Point Charter School (CSP)

Chesapeake Science Point Charter School

CSP won today’s AACC Math Contest, and in the process moved into a good lead for 1st place in the overall standings.

On Saturday’s contest there were only 3 perfect scores in the individual round from all the schools that participated.   CSP had two of those scores, with 11th grader Glenn Boyette and 12th grader Anthony Krieger each earning a perfect score, and earning an apple from the AACC math professors that organize this contest as their reward.   These two perfect scores were joined by two CSP students scoring 5 out of the 6 questions correct (9th grader Oumarr Bah and 12th grader Ryan Budahazy), to give CPS a lead after the individual round.   Other high scoring CSP students on the individual round today included 10th graders Mark Kelm and Connor Parker and 12th graders Matthew Boyer and Benjamin Kelm.   As the contest moved to the team round, the team of Anthony, Glenn, Ryan, Oumarr and Benjamin scores the highest score in the team round, with 5 out of 6 correct to earn CSP 1st place in today’s contest and give CSP a solid lead in the overall standings.
After two of the five AACC High School Math Competitions so far this season, the top five schools in overall standings are:
20.33 points – Chesapeake Science Point
18.00 points – Severna Park High School
12.00 points – The Severn School
12.00 points – South River High School
  9.67 points – The Key School
CSP was represented  by:
8th grade:  Cole Parker and Nethmi Weerasinghe
9th grade:  Oumarr Bah
10th grade:  Mark Kelm, Hana Motta, Connor Parker, Cory Powers, Nathan Taylor, Bosith Weerasinghe and Stanley Zhu
11th grade:  Glenn Boyette and Kaitlin White
12th grade:  Matthew Boyer, Ryan Budahazy, Benjamin Kelm, David Kravets and Anthony Krieger
Coaches:  Mr. Bernie Kelm and Mr. Jim Powers
Thanks and Congrats to all!
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