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CLF Tigers After School Basketball Program

Together, your Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation and the Belucci Basketball Academy announce a partnership to deliver joint solutions designed to improve students’ basketball skills. Bellucci Basketball Academy, or BBA, is the only basketball training in Syracuse & Maryland that applies techniques used by professional athletes across the country. At BBA, we train basketball fundamentals like shooting, dribbling, and defense and then advance those concepts to include improving speed & agility, reading defenses, and reacting to the play on the court.
BBA also specializes in character development. BBA is committed to these 3 core values:
BBA trained athletes recognize they cannot be successful on their own.
BBA trained athletes take responsibility for their choices.
BBA trained athletes never quit.At BBA we look forward to sharing our professional experience and secrets of the trade with the goal of developing athletes to their fullest potential. Our programs build confidence, self-esteem, and a wide-ranging skill set that transcend the court and will be beneficial throughout life.

6th-9th Graders, April 10-May 29 (8 weeks)
Tuesdays, 3:00-4: 15 pm,  @CSP GYM, Total cost for 8 weeks is $130

To register the program, or for more information go to

Cihan Bicer
CLF Student Activities Director
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