UPDATE: ALL MD Public Schools are Closed Until April 24th, 2020

UPDATE (3/25/2020) – Message from Dr. Karen B. Salmon
State Superintendent of Schools

March 25, 2020

After lengthy discussions with health experts from around the State, I have made the decision along with the State Board of Education to extend the closure of all public schools in Maryland for an additional four weeks through April 24, 2020.

We do not make this decision lightly. However, with the challenges facing our State and our country, we have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our school communities and the community at-large.

I am working in concert with all local school system superintendents, including multiple calls per week, in order to provide the continuity of learning to all of our students in every jurisdiction across the State of Maryland during this time.

We are already working very closely with every school system to address issues affecting their ability to provide educational services to all of their students. It should also be noted that we will be diligent in providing educational services to our students with disabilities.

Local superintendents have provided me with their plans for the continuity of learning during the additional closure period. My staff at the Maryland State Department of Education has been reviewing the plans and determining what supports and resources the State can provide where needed.

More information will be available in the coming days as we work collaboratively on a statewide plan that maintains equitable standards and expectations for students. Local school systems will be communicating with their individual school communities as they move forward with implementing their plans.

We plan to resume the continuity of learning next week, and we will be working closely with local superintendents, school administrators, and our teachers to activate that plan.

While it is too early to say when schools will reopen, we will continue to reassess the situation as we move forward and see where we are in a few weeks time.
Additionally, while child care and day care facilities throughout the State may remain open at this time, our urgent focus is ensuring there are child care options for the children of essential personnel.

We understand that those in the workforce providing essential services, such as those in our hospital and health care facilities and food distribution sites, may need child care provided to continue in their roles. However, if another parent or guardian is able to stay home with your children you should do that.

For those essential personnel that are unable to provide care, we have worked diligently in the past week to identify locations across Maryland that will provide child care.

At this juncture, we have identified space for more than 1,200 school-aged children (ages 4-12) of essential personnel at various locations throughout Maryland in spaces such as YMCAs, the Maryland School for the Blind, public libraries, Parks and Recreation facilities, and Boys and Girls clubs. We are hoping to increase this capacity to more than 2,500 spaces in the coming days.

Essential personnel working in response to the COVID-19 pandemic who require child care are immediately able to find these services through a free referral hotline called LOCATE. The number to reach this referral service is 1-877-261-0060. We will provide additional guidance and information immediately following today’s press conference.

I am so grateful to our educators and child care providers across the State for their commitment to our children and their school communities.

I also want to recognize the incredible dedication and commitment that our food services staff and volunteers have exhibited as they have continued to serve and transport meals to children at the 500+ food distribution sites we have set up across Maryland. Just as a reminder, for any family looking for a location to pick up meals for a student, please visit for a list of locations in your area.

I appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this difficult time, and I am looking forward to working with our local superintendents and school leaders in the coming days as we move forward.


State Superintendent Salmon Announces Temporary Closure of Maryland Public Schools

Contact: Samantha Foley, 410-767-0482

BALTIMORE –  This afternoon, during Governor Larry Hogan’s press conference, Dr. Karen Salmon, State Superintendent of Schools, directed that effective Monday, March 16th, through Friday, March 27th, all public schools in Maryland will be closed. All scheduled school-sanctioned travel for students and staff will also be cancelled effective immediately.

“It is crucial that we take immediate measures to slow the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in school communities around the State,” said Dr. Karen Salmon. “During the time of school closure, all public school buildings and school buses should be cleaned and disinfected to prevent spread of the virus upon the return of students and staff to school.”

Additionally, Dr. Salmon recommended that days previously scheduled for spring break be used for make-up days.  Administrators, faculty, staff, and parents/guardians should begin to immediately prepare for, and put into place, measures for the continuity of educational services during this prolonged period of school closure.

Plans regarding childcare services are being developed by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) at this time to ensure that the children of emergency services personnel (particularly those working in healthcare facilities) have access to childcare throughout the prolonged period of school closure. MSDE immediately started working to ensure that vital services, such as the provision of meals to students, will continue to be provided throughout the duration of this period.

Incoming information will be continually evaluated as it becomes available to better inform decisions about proactive school closures. State and local officials will work together to continue to reassess needs for school closures on an ongoing basis.  Local school officials should remain in consistent communication with local health department officials regarding cases of COVID-19 that potentially could involve members of the school community.

Published by Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE)
For information about the virus visit
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3 CLF Schools Qualify for National AASHTO TRAC Bridge Challenge

(3) CLF TRansportation And Civil engineering (TRAC) Teams to represent Maryland in the 2020 National AASHTO TRAC Bridge Challenge

For the third consecutive year, CLF schools qualify to represent Maryland in the National AASHTO TRAC Bridge Challenge! For the second consecutive year, Chesapeake Science Point and Chesapeake Math and IT North (CMIT-N) will make an appearance, together. This is CMIT-N Public Charter’s third appearance as a program. For perspective, only eighteen (18) teams were announced from across The United States for the AASHTO Bridge Challenge. Together with our AACPS, PGCPS, and MDOT SHA partners, we congratulate all the Maryland TRAC Teams and National finalists, especially our CSP and CMIT-N’s qualification and representation for Maryland.

It might be easy to assume the veteran status of these teams by their results but this could not be further from reality. In fact, the first CLF school only began the TRansportation And Civil engineering (TRAC) program in late 2017. As you may know, that didn’t stop that year’s CMIT-N’s “Bold & Beautiful Bridge” Team from making MD State history when selected for 2018 Nationals. That year marked the first team in the State of Maryland’s history to compete at the AASHTO TRAC Nationals while also our CMIT-N’s inaugural year of the TRAC program. Then, word spread fast and innovation replicates at CLF schools even faster.

By 2018-2019, all CLF schools were introduced to the TRAC program through MDOT SHA. CSP went to Nationals in their inaugural 2018 year and was accompanied by returning CMIT-N program but a new team. During the 2019 National tournament, these two schools represented in each category (7-8; 9-10; 11-12). If anyone had asked the schools or CLF if we could repeat history a 3rd year in a row? Ask if these schools would return a third time to repeat the AASHTO category representation? That’s a tall bridge to order!

Yet, today, we can all celebrate that reality. We have back-to-back return qualifications to the AASHTO TRAC Bridge Challenge out of only (18) schools Nationwide and again, CSP and CMIT will represent Maryland. These outstanding teams and coaches at CSP and CMIT-N deserve it. We are so proud to see new participants from our schools on our TRAC teams setting the bridge, higher and higher. This is a growing TRAC program at all our schools and in Maryland. We could not be more excited to see our teams representing the State of Maryland on this National scale. We wish these STEAMazing innovatorsmakersBridge Builders—every balsa-bit-of-success in their upcoming AASHTO TRAC NATIONAL BRIDGE CHALLENGE 2020!

Here are our CLF Schools & Winning Teams:

Grades 7-8:

Chesapeake Math & IT Academy North MS

TEAM: Savvy Scholars

Students: Maranna N., Yashasri G., and Jescie T. w/Coach Crespo


Grades 9-10:

Chesapeake Science Point


Students: Katrina, Darsana, Amna

w/Coach Vadalia


Grades 11-12

Chesapeake Science Point


Students: Rafee, Sarah, Dhruva

w/ Coach Vadalia

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