After School Clubs

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After school club rules:

* CSP clubs will begin on October 7th, 2019

* CSP clubs run between  2:55 pm and 3:55 pm.

* The students have to report to the club rooms at 2:55 pm.

* All students should report to the gym lobby for dismissal. The parents have to pick-up the club students by 04:00 pm.

* Due date of sign up is October 1st by 3:00 pm

* No clubs on 2-hour early dismissal dates.


Middle School Club list:

Middle School Robotics (Monday)


ELA Enrichment/ Spelling Bee  (Tuesday)

Middle school athletics club (Tuesday)

Mrs. Valencia Math Enrichment  (Tuesday)

Crochet Club (Tuesday)

Run Club  (Tuesday)

Middle School Science Olympiad (Thursday)

Mrs. Valencia 6th Grade Math Enrichment  (Thursday)

National Science Bowl (Tuesday)

Multi-cultural Club (Thursday)

Geometry Arts and Help Club (Friday)


High School Club list


Science National Honor Society (Monday)

MDOT Bridge Builder Club  (Monday)

HS SeaPerch Club (Monday)

Archery Club (Monday)

High School Robotics (Monday-Thursday)

ELA Enrichment/ Spelling Bee (Tuesday)

Run Club (Tuesday)

HS Medical Science (Tuesday)

Crochet Club (Tuesday)

High School Science Olympiad (Tuesday)

Multi-cultural Club (Thursday)

Geometry Arts and Help Club (Friday)

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